Sep 29, 2009

For Sale: Used Road Frame | New Red Powder-Coating

Here is a large, lugged/steel road frame we have recently had
powder-coated a bright "fire engine" red.
This frame and fork is very clean and ready to be built.
Size is 62cm x 54 c~t, 1 inch threaded fork and 68mm x
1.37 in x 24 TPI / bottom bracket thread.
We have many frame-sets like this one,
so be sure to send an email or call for size availability. -SC

For Sale: SOMA | DeLancey 54cm | New

Brand new SOMA DeLancey, 54cm x 56 c~t, Track/Single-Speed
Tange Prestige CrMo frame with a 1-1/8 threadless fork.
What can we say... fresh, right out of the box and ready to be built.

Sep 26, 2009

SOLD! | Recent Track Frame Sets

Here are a few bikes that moved fast before we had a chance
to list them here on our new blog page.
Just a small sample of what's available at SoundCycles,
We have a mountain of awesome road bicycles too,
Check back often for new posts, photos and info. -SC

Panasonic TT w/ Dura Ace | Sold!

Bridgestone, Keirin w/Sugino 75 and Hatta Swan | Sold!
Uno, Keirin w/ Chris King headset | Sold!
We also have the right tools to accurately cut and install a 26.4 (ISO)
size headset on a "Keirin" (J.I.S.) 27.0 fork crown if you so desire.
Other frame prep such as... bottom-bracket facing, head/steering-tube
facing, thread cutting and chasing, cold-set/alignment for dropouts,
track ends, forks ends and derailleur hangers.
Just drop us a line for details. -SC

Sep 25, 2009

FYI... | SoundCycles Update

Don't forget to check out our "For Sale" section located on the right
side-bar for ongoing items that are still available from SoundCycles.
And as always, feel free to call or email if you have any questions
regarding their availability, price, additional photos and detailed
information. Sold items may be removed periodically.
Thanks again, -SC

Tel: 323-857-5701 + voicemail
Fax: 323-937-2309 + 24 hr.
Email: soundcycles(@)

Sep 23, 2009

For Sale: Basso Mixte | 52cm Frame and Fork | NOS!

Mint, Basso "mixte" frame and fork, super clean, never been
built or ridden. This is new, old stock (NOS).
Original "uncut" chrome fork, Columbus tube-set.
If you are going to use a track style crankset, you'll need to find
one with ITA threading bottom bracket.
52cm/small. - SC

Sep 20, 2009

For Sale: Masi 3V | Brian Baylis Custom Paint

Masi 3V track frame and fork with Baylis custom-refurbished paint job.
This bicycle has to been seen to be believe!
Small and hard to find frame size - 49cm (c~t).
Masi 3Vs were made with a unique lug, which allowed very thin-wall
tubing to be used to join the frame together. - SC

For Sale: Easton | Simonetti Frame and Fork | Used

Size, 57cm (c~t). Looks like a 650c front wheel is needed for this jet.
Gian said it was the twin of one that Lance rode,
(which was re-badged "Trek").
Made of Easton aluminum special aero-shaped tubing.
Fork is carbon fiber. - SC

For Sale: Specialized Frame and Fork | Used

More photos and info to follow, or please email/call about
this bike and many others. - SC

Sep 13, 2009

SOLD! | Rivendell 59cm Romulus Touring | Used

Used Rivendell "Romulus" touring style bicycle 59cm (c~t).
Shimano 105... hubs, brakes and levers, headset,
front and rear derailleur and bar-end shifers.
Sugino crank set, Araya RC-540 x 36h rims.
Nitto 110mm stem and 46cm drop bars, Kalloy seat post.
Bike doesn't come with pedals at this point.
Very clean, has had very little mileage.
We can add your favorite rack system plus a quick tune-up
to get on the road and traveling across town or country. -SC

For Sale: Somec TT Road Frame | Used

Used 57cm Somec TT frame and fork.
"Update" we are in the process of making this a complete build,
650c front wheel to 700c rear.
We will post new photos and info as soon as the bike is ready to go.
- SC

Sold!: Brooks Swallow | New

New In Box, Black Leather w/ Steel Rails.
"Godzilla" Not Included.
He Really is the KING OF MONSTERS! Don't forget that. - SC

The Sound in SoundCycles

When stopping by the office, feel free to make a request - SC

For Sale: Fixed/Road Conversions $500

$500. Will build this and others to suit.
See Sheldon Brown on fixed gear conversions... Sheldon Brown here.
Euro pros have been doing this for many years, for winter training.
Using any road bike with horizontal rear dropouts,
we can convert to fixed gear or single speed freewheel quite easily.
I've been doing these for about 10 yrs now.
We had to figure out what worked, way before Sheldon or the internet.

If you are new to cycling, a conversion is a good starting point
as it will allow you to convert back to multi-cogs, if you ever decide
to do a century (100 miles) or something like that.
Don't take a hacksaw to your dad's vintage Cinelli or Masi.

I've done Amtrak Century three times and Solvang once, on fixed.
...Just saying. - SC

Sep 6, 2009

For Sale: Vintage Sugino | #2

Vintage Sugino Crank Set (144 bcd) with fresh blue powder coating,
Chainring type and size, optional $200. - SC

Sep 4, 2009

Land Shark | Track Bike

For Sale: Vintage Sugino | #1

Vintage Sugino Crank Set (144 bcd) with fresh blue powder coating,
Chainring type and size, optional.

Sep 3, 2009

Custom Baylis Built Track Bike | NFS

Campy 151 Skip-Tooth!

More details and photos to come. - SC

SOLD! | Panasonic Pursuit

Our Highly Trained Staff Eagerly Await Your Email

Sep 2, 2009

Benotto | Daily Drive

Holland | Before and After w/ New Baylis Paint Job