Jan 31, 2010

Madison Makeover pt.1

A 1986 Schwinn Madison getting a fresh face-lift before heading out of state.
We have some nice used components to help fill out this vintage daily drive.
My labor is $100 for this kind of prep.
Dropout alignment tools. Yes, we have the Campagnolo ones
but it's a Madison, awright.
Most Japanese bikes have a fork crown race of 27.0 (JIS).
We cut down to 26.4 (ISO). The customer wanted to use a modern,
or more commonly available headset style.

Clean, used Chris King fork race installed. We had a nice used 1" threaded
set hanging around the part boxes waiting for a project like this.
Stack height of the used Chris King was shorter than the original headset,
so the steerer was cut off the top. Baylis says that the best way to build a fork
is to use the least amount of factory threads as possible.
The fork was also given a dropout alignment adjustment too.
( photo not shown )

Madison Makeover pt.2

The top and bottom faces of headtube need to be parallel if the headset
is going to turn smoothly. That's fat "Pedro the Climber", in the background.

Notice the tools cutting surface, it faces the top and the inside
of the steering tube. You have to be careful to not overdue a
procedure like this.

I ditched the Park HS tool in favor of this one. It doesn't pinch your finger,
and it also has ball bearings.... enough said.

Madison Makeover pt.3

I never knew what these two things were for until I got my own
Campy tool kit.
They are used to screw in the pilots for the BB facing tool, as shown here.
I had an Italian set, Baylis gave me my English threaded set.
Facing tool in action. It's not necessary to do this with frames from
"custom builders" as frames should be fully prepped upon shipping.

Also, with a BB that won't butt straight up against the face of the BB shell,
( think Phil Wood ) there's no need to bother with this time consuming task.

Madison Makeover pt.4

Here's the non-drive side, faced.

We will start with a modern cartage bottom-bracket, but there is a chance
we may end up using a cup and cone BB if there's a change in cranks.
That's why we faced both sides of the shell.

Jan 29, 2010

Baylis, A Wizard and SoundCycles.

Brian and Mike (Wizard) built this bike for me in 1974. It resurfaced at the San Diego Show last year. I had not seen it in about 35 yrs. It was my first custom frame. Since that time, we've learned a bit about fitting, to say the least.

Mas Deltas!

We love Campy Delta Brakes here at SoundCycles.
If you have any you want to part with, drop them on by!

Jan 26, 2010

Baylis pt.3

The Chosen few.
Brian's Bikes.
TWO Full Campagnolo Tool Boxes.
A pair of Wizards from the 70's.

Baylis pt.2

Dave Tesch Tandem with Mixte Style for Stoker.

The Lug Barrel.
Cuclo Di Cuoio for Brian's Bikes.

Jan 12, 2010

New Lugs | Brian Baylis

I was going to go with Nervex or Prugnat, but we thought the lug he is holding is the way to go. Everyone has Nervex, while there is not enough real estate with Prugnat to modify and sculpt.

Jan 10, 2010

Tools of the Trade.

Nice to have the right tools for the right jobs, made some room to have
the box out in the open and at easy reach.
btw, if anyone has a clean and complete tool kit for sale, drop us a line.
Reasonable prices only please, always nice to have a spare.

Back to Work

It's a new year and all the the projects are back up an running.

Jan 1, 2010

Used 80's Schwinn Madison | 52cm

Looks to be from 1986, We may build this into a nice single-speed w/ brakes.