Feb 20, 2010

Ron Cooper 650c Track Bike

Custom paint by Brian Baylis.

Vintage Cinelli Tandem

Feb 17, 2010

Medici | Pro-Strada

Custom Paint | Seth Wilder

For more information on Seth go... "Here"

Feb 6, 2010

Ciclo Di Cuoio | Leather Bar Wrap

The San Diego Custom Bicycle Show is just around the corner,
We decided this year to bring an awesome vintage Cinelli Tandem.
First step in getting it prepared was applying a fresh set of
"Ciclo Di Cuoio" vintage style leather handlebar wrap in black.
How the bar stitching starts off.
We pre-soak the wrap in warm water to make it pliable.
Right side of the Stokers bar almost done.
Here's what the Captains bars look like when finished.

We let the Captains bars have a day to dry out before the leather
wrap received a trimming, last step we applied the metal end-caps.
We'll post more photos of the Tandem as we continue the work.

Feb 2, 2010

Shop Labor Price Guide | Fall 2010

Below is just a few of the extra things we can do to
help make your bike last and last and last...

Rustproofing Steel Frames: Coat inside of frame with
Boeshield T-9. Frame must be bare, without any parts. - $20.00

We can also apply "FrameSaver" for new builds.
Call or Email for Pricing.

True, Tension and Dish Wheel Set: "They won't come loose."- $30.00

Proper Greasing and Adjusting of Front and Rear Wheel Bearings: (Hubs)
When new, they never come with enough and are usually too tight. - $35.00

Grease Steering-Tube: "Keeps rust at bay." Plus Grease
Steering Bearing (headset) and replace Lower Stack Bearing cage
with *loose* balls. "Triples the life of the headset,
makes and keeps steering smooth." - $25.00

Remove and Lubricate Crank Bearing: "Cup and Cone
style Bottom-Bracket." - $45.00

Lubricate Inner Cable of Brakes and Gears: "Smooth
braking / shifting." - $20.00

Align Frame / Fork Drop-Outs and Track Ends: "Helps bike track
straight and prevents unnecessary bearing failure."- $40.00

Frame Prep: Complete setup starting @ - $100.00
Please Call or Email for need and available time slot.
This is a time consuming job and requires knowledge
of future components planned for installation.

All Nuts and Bolts are Torqued to proper Spec, Lubricate all Threads:
These last two steps keep things from becoming loose and rusting. Priceless!

Complete Tune-Ups:
Call for consultation and appointments.
starting at - $120.00 We need to see your bike.

This Final Step Involves You!
A bicycle is a machine, and like all machines, there is a
"break-in" period. You *MUST* bring your bike back to the shop
for a post Tune-Up, check-up.
It's free! And it's the right thing to do.

We point-check, re-torque and re-adjust all parts for what's needed after
the first 100 / 200 miles of riding, or 60 days, whichever comes last.
Failure to do so can void your warranty!

Tel: (323) 857-5701 + voicemail
Fax: (323) 937-2309
Email: soundcycles (at) aol.com