Oct 28, 2009

SoundCycles on Twitter

We have a new Twitter account, now we
can keep everyone up to date on when we are open
for business so you can stop by for repairs or parts.
Plus check out any new items in the shop, listen to Zappa
on the turntable and have a beer.
- SC

Oct 26, 2009

Encino Velodrome

Here are few photos from last Sunday's Encino Velodrome event.
- SC

The Track.
Parking Lot.

Oct 20, 2009

SoundCycles | Remodeling

The office is under going a fresh remodeling, we are open
for business as usual. Will have a new batch of photos soon,
plus more posts of bikes and components for sale.
Stay tuned!
- SC
Rare 3Rensho Tandem.